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সার্কের সদস্যদের মধ্যে ভূমিবেষ্টিত দেশগুলোর একটি হলো নেপাল (Nepal)। নেপাল বিখ্যাত হিমালয়ের সৌন্দর্যের দরজা হিসাবে কিন্তু শুধু হিমালয় বাদেও নেপালের রাজধানী কাঠমান্ডু (Kathmandu) বসে আছে আরও নানারকম দেখার মতো স্থান নিয়ে। কাঠমান্ডু নেপালের রাজধানী ও বৃহত্তম মহানগর যেখানে বাস করছে প্রায় ৫০ লাখ মানুষ। নেপালে ঘুরতে হলে কাঠমান্ডু তে এসেই প্রথম ধর্না দিতে হবে। অনেকেই পাহাড় দেখবার আসায় কাঠমান্ডুর মতো শহরকে ঘুরবার তালিকায় প্রাধান্য প্রথমে দিতে চান না কিন্তু ঐতিহ্য, বানিজ্য, নানাবিধ আরকিটেকচারাল নিদর্শন নিয়ে কাঠমান্ডু কিন্তু তার আপন মহিমায় উজ্জ্বল।

Price & Duration

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival and free day at Kathmandu:

    Welcome at Kathmandu International airport by our representative, Transfer to Hotel –After check in free time enjoy on your own, Stay at Kathmandu Hotel.
    Kathmandu Valley - The Heart of Nepal Kathmandu Valley, the capital and heart of the country essentially symbolizes all that is Nepal. Having seen the rule of various dynasties, the culture and society of Kathmandu has evolved through time to give it a most unique characteristic.
    Overnight stay in KATHMANDU

  • Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing:

    After breakfast at hotel around 10 AM please be ready at lobby for Kathmandu city half day sightseeing. In this day we will cover Swyambhunath and Patan Square. After sightseeing our car will drop you back to hotel.

    Swayambhunath - The Self Born Perched on a hilltop on the south western part of Kathmandu, Swayambhunath, is one of the most important religious and cultural sites in Nepal and is associated with the birth of the Kathmandu Valley civilization. When the Valley was still an ancient lake, a predecessor of the historic Siddhartha Gautama Buddha planted the lotus seed here from which came the light of Swayambhu, the “Self Born”. The Bodhisattva Manjushree drained the lake by cutting a gorge in the southern edge of the valley in a place called Chobahar from which the Baghmati River flows out, south bound, and established the Kathmandu Valley civilization.

    Kathmandu Durbar square :
    It is easy to be overwhelmed by the seemingly uncountable monuments in the Kathmandu Durbar Square. The house of the Living Goddess, the ferocious KalBhairab, the red monkey god, and hundreds of erotic carvings are a few examples of the sights at the Square! The buildings here are the greatest achievements of the Malla dynasty, and they resulted from the great rivalry between the three palaces of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. The Valley was divided among the children of YaksyaMalla. For visitors today, and for the Nepalese, it was serendipitous that they, and later their offspring’s, began an artistic warfare trying to outdo each other in splendid constructions. Kings copied everything their neighbors built in an even grander style. A visitor who wanders around the Square will see a round temple in the pagoda architectural style, the temple of Goddess Taleju (who played dice with King Jaya Prakash Malla), and an image of Shiva and Pārbati sitting together among the many monuments.

    Overnight stay in KATHMANDU


    Pick up from hotel lobby & transfer to Airport for Dhaka flight.

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    Visa Fee: 1,400/-

  • EMI Facility


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